Every commercial property has a Rateable Value (RV). This is set by the local Assessor for the region and is reflective of the type, size, condition and location of the property in question.

Under certain circumstances, the RV can be challenged, however this is usually only when circumstances change "materially".

However every 5 years there is a Rating Revaluation where all the RV's are updated and this situation also affords an opportunity for the new RV to be challenged or "Appealed". In April 2017, there will be a comprehensive revaluation of commercial properties and this is an excellent opportunity for all businesses to secure savings on what is, in many instances, a significant property overhead.

A good Rating Surveyor will be able to identify opportunities for savings within the rating assessment and should be able to convince the Assessor that the argument is valid. However it is not always possible and appeals are needed. Smart & Co has extensive experience of handling Rating Appeals for all types of property and with a proven and demonstrable track record of winning, we are extremely well placed to advise you on the likelihood of securing savings from your rating assessment.

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